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"Hak&Partners offers services, technologies and systems along integrated food processing chains. We design and implement new facilities and also offer our services for modernizing existing operations. Our focus is always market oriented with identification and implementation of improvements in quality, productivity and efficiency."

Latest news

Jan Hak receives fCN Gassan Jewel Award

On 7 October 2015, the prestigeous fCN Gassan Jewel Awards have been awarded.

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Hak&Partners contributes to NWO-WOTRO Global Challenges Program in Kenya and Burkina Faso

29 september 2015 -  NWO-WOTRO announced funding of a new project..…
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Special CEREHA workshop at Wageningen UR

Hak&Partners participated in the special workshop by CEREHA Research and Innovation project.…
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Hak&Partners to participate in the Beijing World Potato Expo 2015

QuaTerNes Holding with a.o. Hak&Partners is active in the Potato sector in China since 1985. May…
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Agritech Mission to Israel 27 April to 1 May

Hak&Partners co-orgnizes Agro,Food&Technogly, Water and Energy mission to Agritech…
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23 years of service since 1992

About Jan Hak

Jan Hak, founder of Hak&Partners, has amongst others been shaped by his family ties within the Hak family, which founded HAK Conserven B.V. (one of Europe's largest glass perserves factories). His training and work covered all apects of the agro chain, from field to market (sales), which resulted in his all-round experience and appreciation for the agri food-chain, especially with respect to potatoes, fruits and vegetables. Read more

Speaker Opportunities

Jan Hak is recognized by many as an expert in his field. He has served as lecturer and panel member on multiple occations providing new insights and food for thought. Read more


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We always like te discuse or hear your vision about the food procesing industry. Lets talk, and see if we can help you. 

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Hak&Partners is member of the QuaTerNes Group. We are active in North-America, South-America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle-East.

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