About Us

Hak&Partners offers services, technologies and systems along integrated agro-food value chains. 


We design and implement new facilities and modernize existing operations. Our focus is market-oriented with identification and implementation of improvements in quality, productivity and efficiency. Great care is taken to minimize environmental impact and create added value with byproducts. Projects can be executed and managed turnkey or under our responsibility.

Hak&Partners' services network includes partners (firms and joint ventures) all over the world. Our specialized project managers, designers and coordinators are all dedicated to the food processing industry and maintain the highest standards of objectivity and confidentiality.

Hak&Partners builds on more than 40 years of international experience of Mr. Jan Hak, who establshed the company in 1992.

About Jan Hak

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The knowledge and experience of Jan Hak, founder of Hak&Partners, has amongst others been shaped by his family ties within the Hak family which founded HAK Conserven B.V., one of Europe's largest glass perserves factories. His training and work covered all apects of the agro chain, from field to market (sales), which resulted in his all-round experience and appreciation for the agri food-chain, especially with respect to potatoes, fruits and vegetables. 

Professional activities started in the Middle East with engineering and product development projects for pickles and the dairy industry. After returning to The Netherlands, his first achievement was the restructuring of the food machinery producer Komen+Kuin B.V..

Immediately thereafter he was directly responsible for manufacturing and logstics at HAK B.V.. During his 5 years at the family company he was responsible for 3 locations which experienced turbulent growth and rationalization (doubling turnover, work force reductions, centralization etc.). This experienced added 'hands-on' experience, which later proved to be essential qualifications in the supervisory board of HAK and in finding the best partner in the CSM Group to which HAK B.V. was sold in 1992.

Meanwhile, in 1980, Jan Hak founded H&H Engineering together with a friend. The company became world leader in the supply of potato processing technology and systems, and an important player in the fruits, vegetable and snack food sector. The H&H Group was sold to the Deilman/BMA organization in 1995.

In 1992, Jan Hak established Hak&Partners B.V. as his private company which designs and executes engineering projects for a wide range of processes and product supply chains all over the world.

Besides his activities for Hak&Partners, Jan Hak is president of GMV-FME, the Dutch Association for Manufacturers of Machinery for Food Processing, and had a board position in FPME (European Manufacturers of Food Processing Systems) and several other international organisations. He is founder and president of both NAFTC (Netherlands Agro, Food and Technology Centers) with offices worldwide as well as of MFS (Metropolitan Food Security Association). As president of the Non Executive Boards of Ploeger Oxbo Group and Tradin Organic Agriculture (part of Sunopta), he has a broad view of worldwide developments in food production as well as in technology sectors.