References in Europe


Crimea, Simferopol
Apple processing. Single strength juice and concentrates for Maybel.


Turnkey facility for a Apple-pie fond preparation, freezing, packing and distribution for Nicolei.

Georgia Telavi (Kakhheti region)
Fruit tree nursery, storage and packaging facilities, ‘Georgian Fruit tree Nurseries’ for Plantae Ltd..


Georgia, Gori
(ULO) storage, grading/packing and logistics for Gori Fruit Export Co.

Georgia, Village Misaktsieli, Mtsketa District
Processing facility for frozen vegetables for Delidor JSC.


Fruit and vegetable processing and freezing facility for Alfa Nistru


The Netherlands, Giessen
Various systems for high quality (Apple) sauces, fruit compotes and fruit snacks for Hak B.V.

The Netherlands, Lelystad
Turnkey factory for fruit snacks by osmotic dehydration and vacuum frying for Fruit Chips Company.

Ukrain, Simferopol
Tree nurseries, orchard development as well as storage and fresh packaging for Orchards of Tavrida.

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ljubuski

Processing and packaging facility for dehydrated herbs for Roing d.o.o.

North America, Canada

Canada, Ledbridge (Alberta)
Hak&Partners has performed a feasibility study and turnkey project engineering for Agra West Investments.


Canada, Souris (Prince Edward Island)
Feasibility study and turnkey realization (granules) for Agra West Foods.


Realisation of turnkey French fry plants in various countries for a major American Fast Food company.

References in South-America


Brazil, Carolina
Processing facility for frozen fruits and fruit pulps for FrutaSa.


Brazil, Belem
Multipurpose facility for tropical fruit pulps, purees and juices for Novo Amafrutas.


Colombia, Bogota
Overall concept and long-term developments for Productos Margarita.


Peru, La Merced, Chanchamayo Region
Processing facility for frozen fruits for, and participation in, Selva Frozen Foods.

References in Middle East


Israel, Kiryat Shemona
Fruit snacks / chips by osmotic treatment and vacuum frying for Osem.

Kurdistan (Iraq)

Rasan modern Goat Management Stable for Halabja Group
(see also: 'Rasan Animal Farm' on YouTube).


Lebanon, Beirut
Chips factory development (engineering and consultancy) for Malco.


Turkey, Yalova
Turnkey realization for a multi product freezing facility for Yalo-food.

References in Africa

Egypt, Cairo
Agri-chain development and storage for Egypt Trade Chipsy.

Egypt, Cairo, Mohandesin
Turnkey project for French fries and potato products for Unifood.


Ghana, Tema
Modern multipurpose processing facility for tropical crops and fruits for Afropa.

South Africa, Delmas
Turnkey project for the production of French fries and potato products for Irving&Johnson.